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  • Contribute to OEA

  • OEA welcomes contributions through our GitHub repository. We encourage open sharing of technical assets, ideas and feedback.

  • By contributing to OEA, you share in Microsoft’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in all its open source communities.

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  • What Can You Contribute to OEA?

  • Technical assets can either be contributed to OEA individually or as part of a team collaboration. These include:

  • Modules
  • A set of assets (eg: scripts, pipelines, etc) that work with a single data source can be contributed as modules.

  • Packages
  • A set of assets for multiple data sources combined for a use case or specific education data need can be contributed as packages.

  • Code Review
  • Review code submissions by the community to refactor existing codebase, report bugs or share suggestions.

  • Exemplars
  • Share use case examples back with the community on how your education system is using data to solve problems.

  • Best Practices for Contributing to OEA

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  • Pull requests should always include a description of the proposed changes.

  • Engage with the OEA open source community by creating a post in Discussions and responding to existing posts.

  • Our Wiki page on GitHub has additional information on design decisions, fixing common errors and setup tips.

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  • Contribute to OEA

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