• Azure in Action: Empowering educators to drive better education outcomes with AI and open data analytics

  • 16 December 2021
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  • The shift to hybrid learning is not just changing the way students learn – it’s producing a trove of data that can provide insights into how to better support students. The OEA project with the Tasmania Department of Education was highlighted in the fourth episode of “Azure in Action” in November. Azure in Action is a national Data and AI series.

    Kris Klasen and Brodie Hicks from Tasmania’s Department of Education co-presented the story with Pol Llado from Microsoft’s AI Development Acceleration Program (MAIDAP) and OEA’s Maria Langworthy.

    This session which is open to the public, provides demos of:

    • Purview and Synapse and the steps taken to discover and ingest data from multiple data sources

    • How Azure ML and Responsible ML tools like Fairlearn are being used to develop predictive models of vulnerable students.

    Azure in Action webinar

    Watch the webinar here.