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  • Using data to support every learner from classroom to career

  • Open Education Analytics (OEA) is an open source community coordinated by Microsoft Education. We collaborate with education systems across the world to develop modern data intelligence capabilities.

  • Get started with the modern data estate using the OEA reference architecture, open source modules, training, and use cases. Ensure responsible data and AI practices with our OEA toolkit. Join our community and contribute education data solutions.

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  • What is Open Education Analytics?

  • We aim to empower education systems around the world to use data, analytics and AI more effectively and ethically to improve learning outcomes.

  • International community of education systems co-creating and innovating to speed up system-level use of AI.

  • Developing and contributing to the OEA architecture, data pipelines, analytical models, dashboard templates, and data governance processes.

  • Training and development for data engineers, data scientists, learning analytics experts, and education researchers.

  • Highlighted OEA Case Studies

  • Explore real-world use cases that have been contributed by the OEA Community and learn how you can customize their technical assets for your own use cases.

  • Predicting Chronic Absenteeism
  • This OEA Package co-developed with Fresno, California, provides guidance on developing a predictive model to identify patterns of chronic absenteeism and supports needed by individual students. It allows a system to identify the best interventions to prevent absenteeism.

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  • Equity Of Digital Access
  • This OEA Package provides tools to show patterns of digital access outside of schools, where students have no devices or low connectivity, so that education systems can ensure all learners have quality digital access to learning outside of school.

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  • Predicting Student Well-being
  • This OEA Package was co-developed with the Tasmania Department of Education. It can be used to identify the features that most predict student well-being in an education system, and which students are most likely to need more personalized supports.

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  • Education Challenges with Data and AI

Education leaders want to move their organization and culture to be more data-driven.

The cost and effort to get started with advanced analytics seems overwhelming.

Education organizations lack the data expertise to deploy advanced analytics.

Concerns over privacy, compliance, and data governance.

  • Education Systems in OEA are Collaborating to Develop

Personalized Learning Pathways

Realtime Data Dashboards

Open Data for Research and Evaluation

State, Province and National Reporting

Digital Learning Ecosystem Insights

Predicting At-Risk Students

How OEA Can Help You Modernize
Your Own Data Estate

  • Leverage open source assets and the OEA reference architecture.

  • Build your team’s data capabilities with OEA Skills and Training.

  • Share new assets and best practices with the community.

  • Success Stories

  • See how education systems collaborating in OEA are supercharging their data initiatives to improve learning outcomes.

Real Time Hybrid Learning Engagement in Fresno, California
  • Real Time Hybrid Learning Engagement in Fresno, California
  • OEA worked with Fresno Unified School District to develop a Hybrid Engagement Package. The package provides a set of assets for combining in-person attendance and student digital activity, providing a more holistic representation of student engagement.

See the data and AI journey in Helsinki, Finland
  • See the data and AI journey in Helsinki, Finland
  • Acknowledging that all students come from different backgrounds and have different skillsets, the City of Helsinki Education Division believes that personalised learning built on Ethical AI principles will help each learner succeed.

See the data and AI journey in Helsinki, Finland

Who can benefit from OEA?

  • Education System Leader avatar
  • Education System Leader
  • Demonstrate the effective and responsible use of data to address the biggest challenges facing your education system.

  • Education Researcher avatar
  • Education Researcher
  • Leverage powerful new data analytics tools to provide insights and reports quickly and flexibly.

  • Data Scientist avatar
  • Data Scientist
  • Transform, enrich and explore the data for advanced analytics and model building.

  • Data Project Manager avatar
  • Data Project Manager
  • Oversee use case definition and operationalize Responsible AI and data governance.

  • Data Engineer avatar
  • Data Engineer
  • Setup OEA and build, schedule and maintain pipelines for data ingestion and preparation.

  • How to get started!

  • Here’s how you can help your organization get started on OEA:

  • Education Technology Leaders
  • Connect with a partner (third-party Microsoft solution providers) who can setup the OEA architecture in your institution and bring your education use cases to life. 

  • If your institution or system has in-house data engineers, researchers, and data scientists, get them started using the OEA skills and training materials.

  • OEA Partners
  • Sign up to become an OEA Partner to build data solutions for large education systems and OEA Community members from all over the world.

  • We provide our OEA Partners with the necessary training, resources and customer connections to ensure continued partner success.